Alvest Millennium Aviation Leasing IFSC Private Limited (AMAL) incorporated in 2021 and is a Joint Venture between TLD Group S.A.S. (France) and Millennium Aero Dynamics Private Limited (India).

The Alvest Group are the largest manufacturers of Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in the world. Their range of GSE includes ground power systems, aircraft pushback systems, aircraft air-conditioning units, cargo loaders, baggage tractors and specialised military aircraft systems.

Millennium provides marketing, commissioning, warranty management, maintenance, repair, overhaul and refurbishment services for GSE in India and abroad. Millennium team of over 700 engineers and technicians provide these services 24×7 at over 40 airports in India.

Alvest and Millennium have been exclusive partners for over 30 years and have worked together to provide a broad range of services.

With the background of this long associated history, Alvest and Millennium have come together to provide leasing solutions of aircraft parts & GSE at GIFT, Gandhinagar for the aviation industry.